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Gtee puts all the required product, warranty & maintenance information on each home into a cloud based folder for your clients to access 24/7.

10 minutes input from the builder provides 10 years of support for the homeowner from Gtee.

The general idea

Builders select the products used in each build from simple drop down menus. Additional information such as plans, specifications and warranty documents can also be uploaded. Gtee reminds owners of all maintenance that is due.

What does it cost?

There are no subscriptions or fixed costs. Builders pay $190 (ex gst) per build. This means the total cost of Gtee can be included as a direct cost of each build.

Crossing the T’s

The Gtee System will help reduce the number of warranty claims arising from a lack of maintenance by homeowners. It will also help reduce the number of calls to the builder.

One stop shop

Maintenance, warranty details and documentation related to products used in each house build are held in one cloud based folder. Clients have a unique login and password to their folder.

Friendly Reminders

When scheduled maintenance is due homeowners are emailed a reminder. This information also appears on the owner’s Gtee dashboard as ‘maintenance required’.

Job well done

Once maintenance has been completed, owners can remove the reminder with a simple click. They can also upload supporting documentation that confirms maintenance has been completed.

The Gtee system keeps a record of the actions taken for the life of the dwelling.

It really is simple…

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